Film: 4199

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A busy street in a city, a man outside a shop window is helping one inside to design the windows. An old fashion till used in a supermarket, the two men now inside a shoe shop, the young one thinks the shoe he is holding in his hand won't sell, the older one is determined to sell them all. They are both inside the storage room, then both in the main room. The older is teaching a young lad who recently started his job, first about the till, then they walk between the shelves talking.
A lady in green comes into the shoe shop, the one pair she wants is too tight. The next one is too loose. The young salesman asks for the help of the expert. He checks to see how tight it is, then takes the shoes to the back and comes back, he says he stretched them a bit. She tries again and decides to buy them., pays and leaves.
Then the young one remarks he hasn't seen a stretching machine, to which the older remarks, its all in her head.
In the supermarket, the young salesman is asked to charge twice from one of the customers, he is afraid to get caught and then being told they can find somebody else who will agree to do that. That's the tradition. The two salesmen meet outside the shoe shop window, the one from the supermarket remarks how ugly one of the shoes are, his friends reply "its our hottest number" and tell him how even cheating is alright as long as you sell the product... what you too?
The two friends are talking outside under a tree about their grim situation of needing to cheat in order to work.

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