Film: 4205

Medicine | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Fungus infection treated with Griseofulvin. Tinea Capitis. Before treatment. Small boy with raw bald parches. Close up of infection. After 24 days with Grisovin, doctor removes cap to show condition has dried and healed somewhat. Tinea Corporis. Before treatment. Eight year infection, doctor points out condition on upper back and neck of elderly man. After three weeks with Grisovin, pigmentation almost disappeared. Tinea Barbae. Before treatment. Postular kerion. Nurse rotates head of middle aged man to show skin lesions on cheek. Close up of condition. After 12 days treatment with Grisovin. Man's face now only minimal infection. Tinea Capitis. Before treatment. Small scab lesion. Young boy's head, close up of bald patch behind ear. Shot under blue [wood's] light to illustrate florescence. After eight weeks treatment with Grisovin. Doctor pulls back ear with forceps to show new hair growth. Improvement shown under Wood's light. Tinea Corporis. Before treatment. Small girl covered with lesions. After three weeks with Grisovin. Condition improved.

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