Film: 4214

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


An instructional film to life in an oasis in North Africa, what is needed to be done in order to survive the harsh desert conditions 1950's

As if on a boat on a river, the riverside moves by, big rocks and palm trees can be seen. A line of Camels laden with sugar cane. Two young peasant children sitting on the ground eating sugar cane. A boy riding a camel eating sugar cane. A young girl lying on t he floor eating raw sugar cane. A map of Egypt, depicting the Nile river valley and the Sahara dessert, small cartoon palm trees are imposed over the map, depicting where the oasis's are situated. A camel eating dessert plants. Two camels walking in the dessert. Two camels being led by men over the dessert, they appear almost to be in silhouette. A mirage of an oasis. Close up of the oasis mirage.

A sweeping shot of lots of palm trees and mud huts. An oasis, surrounded by palm trees. Close up of a group of palm trees, some locals walk thought the trees, camera pans up to the tops of the palm trees. A man climbing a palm tree. Close up of the palm tree branches blowing in the wind. The palm trees reflecting the oasis. Local people walking in-between the palm trees. A narrow, dusty street, with locals walking to and fro. Two men on camels in a dusty town. People walking to the oasis, two women carry jugs on their heads, one man leads two donkeys. A man walking down a dusty street carrying two large pots full of water. Two man raking the dry soil. Two men filling brick moulds with a mud mixture. Close up of mud bricks. A mud house.

Two woman carrying water jugs on their heads. A girl carrying a jug on her head. A young girl trying to place a jug on her head, a friend helps her to place it on her head. A large group of children sitting out side in an open aired classroom. Close up of the teacher talking. Montage shots of the children's faces listening to the children.

Two old men sitting outside against a house. A man outside playing with straw. Two elderly men outside talking. An old woman smiling. A group of elderly people sitting out side in the sun. the dessert, wind blowing in the palm trees. Fences around the oasis to stop moving sand from covering it. A deserted oasis village, over run by sand.

Map of Egypt, people from Cairo are being sent out to study the dessert. A Land Rover, in dessert, approaching a cluster of palm trees. Close up of ripples in the newly discovered well. A man kneeling own by the well of water cupping his hands to the water and drinking it. Close up of bubbling well. A wooden drilling device, that locals are using to drill for water. Montage of men manipulating the machine to find water. A man digging an irrigation drain in the dry soil. Water running through the irrigation ditch, a man kneeling next to the ditch. A man wading through the irrigation ditch.

A man dressed in a modern day suit pointing at a map. A man climbing a modern metal drill used to find water. Close up of a lever being pulled down. A shot of the entire metal drill tower from a distance. Lots of water passing out of a large steel pipe as a man sits on the pipe and is putting water over his face. A large oasis. A bulldozer breaking up the dessert land. Close up of a bulldozer breaking the land up. Two en breaking up large piece of soil by throwing the on the ground. A flooded dessert. Close up of dry, cracked earth. A bulldozer pushing a large pile of earth along. The workers on top of the bulldozer, driving it, the large bulldozer driving along the dessert. Close up of various pieces of machinery used to overturn the dry soil. More machinery and bulldozers driving through the dessert. A bulldoze pushing soil. Two men watching the machine. Lots of local men digging in a large irrigation ditch. Montage of men digging in the irrigation ditch.

A large fertilizer factory being built in the Nile valley. A large flat boat floating along the Nile. A man in a suit with a large map laid on the ground he points to and the local work men around him watch and listen. Close up of map, camera zooms out to show the river Nile behind them. A man sitting on top of a aqua duct, another man turning a valve to release the water. Water flowering along a large irrigation ditch. A man opening the irrigation ditch up and allowing the water to flow through the crops. Close up of stalks of corn. A man raking the soil. Two man on camels riding through the oasis. An oasis surrounded by tall palm trees. A woman on a donkey riding through the oasis. A village town, man riding donkey on the dusty path. Large crops of corn, men tending to the soil.

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