Film: 4219

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Stockholm Sweden 1940's

Clouds. Heavy rain. Umbrella opened. Man walking in rain. Flowing water from gutter. A young child and toddler playing in some shelter, which others standing close by. The rain stops and the two kids walk out into the street, the older one bouncing a ball. Some other children walk past following a makeshift boat in the drains. One punches the ball out of the child's hand. Lots of children start a game of chase with the ball. A set of children walking with astounded looks on their face in a large church or cathedral. A man tending the church see's them drop something on the floor (marbles? Or chocolates), the toddler has mess round his mouth. A military parade on horseback. Lots of people watching. Men in the river fishing with large circular nets. A man with a moustache winching up the large nets. A kid on the bridge watches. A painter on the bridge paints. The fisherman stops what he's doing a poses for the painter. A kid fishes with a small makeshift rod and catches small fish. Another kid with a bag containing marbles or balls trades them for the fishing rod. Starts fishing with a loud train going past him. Some seagulls have stolen the fish next to him. The fishing float ends up next to a poster in the water showing the company name 'Pacoast'. The kid talks to the fisherman with the moustache. The kid helps a blind man find his violin bow. The blind man starts playing it as the kid and the fisherman walk along the river or canal.

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