Film: 423

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


College life - university students play American Football which ends in a big fight 1920's

Girls on a bench are thrown into a pond and trapped under the bench. Student is bullied by the jocks in stocks - he fights them off when he has to rescue the girls, the bully is credited with the rescue !
A nerd in bow tie and glasses reads Euclid but is recommended Elinor Glyn
At the Prom or dance, he wants to dance with the pretty girl but he is trapped by fat woman who pins his arm to the chair.

University students sit on a lawn.
Card: "Don Trent who believe an upper class man should be first in the heart of girl undergrads. - Eddie Phillips" Each card also has cartoon at the bottom of what's happening.

They see another man walking.
Card: "Ed Benson - Trent's rival for the prettiest girl on the campus. - George Lewis"

Card: "Tom Jones, Calford's coach, who believed boys would be boys if girls would behave. - Hayden Stevenson"

Trent flips a coin.
Card: "Heads! Benson loses his sweater!"

They all confront him.
"Freshmen have to do their sweating without sweaters!"

They all start fighting. Tom observing from afar.
Card: "Atta boy, Benson! You're bound to lose - but they'll earn their victory!"

Fighting continues. They pin him down, remove his sweater and take him away. One man is in particular pain.

Four women sit on a bench by a pond. The men drag Ed to a pillory.

Card: "June Maxwell, the Dean's daughter - responsible for the rivalry between Benson and Trent. - Dorothy Gulliver"

The men struggle to put Ed in as he fights back. Trent balls up his sweater and throws it away. It hits June and the whole bench topples over into the pond. Ed manages to fight off everyone and escape. Tom is still observing the whole thing.
Two of the women pull themselves out, but there are still two underwater. When Ed arrives the women tell him. He dives in. Trent runs to the pond. Ed returns with 1 woman and goes back for the last one. Women fawn over Ed. Trent is jealous.

Card: "Calford had other things on its mind besides the Canoe Tilt"

Close up of school bulletin: "Sophomore Hop. Friday Eve. October 22, 1925. Campus Knights Orchestra. Formal"

June is standing between Trent and Ed.

June to Ed - card: "I'll save you three dances!"

Trent to June - card: "I'll dance them for you! It takes an invite and evening dress to go to the Soph Prom!"

Ed not looking happy. June was hanging on Ed's arm, but Trent pulls her away leaving Ed by himself. Tom stops Ed.

Card: "These Proms give me a pain, but if an invite will keep you on your feed [sic], count on me." They part ways.

Man sitting on bench reading.

Card: "Ed's room-mate, Horace Webster - possessed the weird idea that college was a place for study - Churchill Ross"

Horace tries to keep up with fast walking Ed. Horace stops at a bench.

Card: "My locomotive facilities are not adequate to cope with your perambulative attainments"

Horace shows Ed the book he's reading.

Card: "Euclid says that where the gear ration is high, one makes twice the speed with half the energy, once a momentum is achieved"

Ed suggests to Horace - card: "You ought to read Elinor Glyn - it's even faster!"

Ed walks away and Horace continues reading his book.

Trent and buddies back on the lawn. They see Ed.

Card: "There's our noble lifesaver! Let's see what he'll bring up this time!"

Trent gets ready to run and push Ed into the pond, but Ed bends down at the last second and Trent himseld goes into the water. His friends run to his aide. Ed extends his hand to pull him out but Trent goes for his friends instead.

Card: "Since being fired from the College Inn, Ed had switched from hash to haberdashery"

Ed reading a brochure(?), looks at picture of man's tuxedo. Dissolves to picture of him in a tux (in Ed's mind).

Card: "The Sophomore Class of the University of Calford requests the honor of your presence at their Annual Class Dance, Friday evening, October twenty-second at nine o'clock…"

Ed reads this then looks at the tux in the shop window.

Store mannequin no longer wearing tux. Ed is wearing the tux, sitting on the sidelines, while the others are dancing. Trent and June go over to Ed. Ed's tux still has a price tag.

Card: "Pardon me - I thought it was your Dance Order"

Trent removes price tag.

Card: "Step up, Freshie, and show us how they step in Squeedunk!"

Couple of women sit down near Ed, and one larger woman sits next to Ed, pinning his arm to the chair. He tries to remove his arm but it doesn't work, and the woman doesn't move. While trying to pull his arm free, he accidentally steps on and turns on a faucet on the floor. The water comes out from the wall behind the chair, and the woman suddenly stands up freeing Ed's arm. Trent turns off the faucet while Ed and June leave, and the larger woman pulls Trent in for a dance.

Card: "End of Part 1"

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