Film: 4232

Natural History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Fossiled animlas 1940's

Shot of a frog or toad in undergrowth, jumping and eating another small animal. A lizard eats a caterpillar or other small grub. Four cobras are standing on their tails while a fifth snake moves past them. A large lizard type creature is eating. Three drawings - a mammoth, a land dinosaur and an aerial dinosaur. On the shore of a beach a fossil hunter cracks open a rock with a small hammer and reveals a fossil of a coiled shell. On an excavation site a man picks at a rock on a table. Footage of an artist painting in parts of the relic which do not exist in order to create an impression of a complete skeleton is shown. Close up of waves lapping onto a sandy beach over a starfish, some shells and some pebbles. Close ups of various fossils. Two young women walk over a bridge, and the camera focuses on the pavement they are treading on, in order to see fossils in the stone. Close ups of teeth and horns of reconstructed skeletons in a museum. Fossils and specimens are laid out on tables and trays. Further drawings of dinosaurs.

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