Film: 4245

Sport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Boxing 1960's

Title over picture of indoor stadium depicting ring, crowd, and lights. Next sub-title 'Highlights of great bouts that have made ring history.' Then fight sub-title 'Kid Gavilan vs. Walter Cartier - December 14, 1951.' Different picture of two boxers in action with 'Round 3' appearing over it. Black boxer Gavilan is seen in action against Cartier. Cuban Gavilan, champion welterweight, exchanges punches with Cartier, a contender for the middleweight title. The white skinned Cartier is ten pounds heavier than Gavilan. The fight is taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York. Although the previous two rounds have gone in Cartier's favour, Gavilan puts on the pressure in this, the third round. Cartier starts to take a lot of punishment before the bell for the end of the round saves him. Card showing 'Round 10'. In this, the last round, Cartier looks to be winning the fight on points. Gavilan starts to land some heavy blows and an overhand right staggers Cartier. With blood oozing from his nose Cartier is floored by a right from Gavilan. Referee Ruby Goldstein stops the fight, standing over the groggy Cartier, who is on all fours. We next see Gavilan with a towel round his neck taking the applause from the crowd as the announcer lowers the ring microphone.

Next fight is shown by the title over backdrop 'Willie Pep vs. Lulu Perez - February 26, 1954. 'Round 2' comes up before the action begins. We see Pep rise from the stool in his corner for the start of the round. The ex-featherweight champ, 31 year old Pep is on the comeback trail, this his 190th fight. Perez floors Pep with a right-hand punch to the chin. Pep rises to his feet at the count of eight and the referee wipes his gloves on his shirt. Pep desperately tries to cover up as Perez presses home his advantage. Pep tries to keep Perez at distance with his left jab before a right upper-cut jolts him. Seemingly recovered, Pep is floored by a left-right combination from Perez. Sat on his haunches, Pep takes a count of nine from referee Al Burrell before rising to his feet. Perez moves in for the kill and nails Pep with a right-hand to the chin. 'THE KNOCK-DOWN IN SLOW MOTION.' We see the final punch in slow motion. The referee stops the fight and lifts Pep to his feet. His cornermen get him back to his corner and seated on his stool. We see a jubilant bouncing Perez in his corner with his ecstatic cornermen.

Next fight 'CARMEN BASILIO VS. TONY DE MARCO - JUNE 10, 1955.' De Marco is making the first defence of his welterweight title he won just two months ago. The rugged Basilio, unbeaten in his last eleven fights, slugs it out with De Marco in the tenth round. A right upper-cut shakes De Marco and he crashes to the floor under a flurry of punches from Basilio. Referee Harry Kessler shouts the count into De Marco's ear. Although up, he is staggering, and a combination of punches from Basilio send him back to the floor on the seat of his shorts, slumped against the ropes. De Marco manages to get to his feet, beating the count, and the bell saves the bloody faced De Marco. 'ROUND 12'. A tired De Marco trades punches with Basilio, before a left-right combination stuns him. The referee intervenes at this point and stops the fight. Basilio raises his arms in jubilation at becoming the welterweight champion of the world.

Next fight 'RAY ROBINSON VS. BOBO OLSON - DECEMBER 9, 1955.' World Champion Carl 'Bobo' Olson defends his world middleweight title against the challenger, Sugar Ray Robinson, in the Chicago Stadium. This is the third time Olson has faced Robinson - losing the two previous fights. In the second round the balding Olson in black trunks exchanges punches, before a lightning combination from the white-shorted Robinson puts him on the seat of his shorts. Referee Sikoura counts out Olson as he writhes on the ring floor trying to regain his senses. The referee helps the tattooed Olson to his feet while Robinson's vibrant cornermen hoist him into the air on their shoulders.

'RETURN BOUT - RAY ROBINSON VS. BOBO OLSON - MAY 18, 1956.' 'ROUND 4'. A record crowd attend the Riglet Vale Stadium in Los Angeles for this return outdoor bout. The boxers trade punches and clinch before referee Mushy Callaghan breaks them up. More punches and clinches before a lightning right-left combination from Robinson floors Olson. Olson rolls over off his back but is unable to beat the referee's count. Robinson has his arm lifted by the referee to denote his victory, and we then see him posing for the press cameramen in his corner with his handlers. 'THE END'.

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