Film: 4249

Animation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Animated cartoon, humourous and comic, line drawing in simple animation to be used as propaganda, in order to make it more acceptable to the public to send animals to the moon or into space 1950's

Baboon, chimpanzee or monkey sits reading the newspaper, another baboon passes in the background. Our baboon says " Where are you going, man? ". Lots of " Wanted " words appear one by one filling the screen. A healthy baboon to fly to the moon, a doctor examines the baboon with a stethoscope with an eye chart in the background. He then appears in clothes and an astronaut helmet. More "Wanted " words. A health baboon with muscles and dumbbells, balancing on a ball, dressed as a graduate with a mortar board. Baboon in astronaut suit and helmet in a rocket seat. The chorus of the song which accompanies these images is repeated. Stress test, baboon is pounded overhead with a large hammer with a stress test sign behind him. Baboon asleep in bed with " ZZzzz " out of his mouth. " I'm a Going to the moon, man ! " Rocket.

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