Film: 426

Shipping | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movie of Man looks at brochure of the Anadora Star or Arandora Star 1930's

Old battered suitcase with stickers all over it. Man puts a Anadora Star sticker on it. Passengers board the liner. Cargo and luggage trunks loaded. Leaving Southampton. On deck. Arrive at Vigo Bay. Passengers taken via ferry to the shore. Street scenes. Four travellers enjoy a drink in a bar, very nice 1930's fashions. Oxen at the harbour. Back on deck the four travellers enjoy afternoon tea. Rowing boats are lowered from the cruise ship. Life on board ship. Deck games, swimming. Cape St Vincent. Algiers and Gibraltar. Keep fit on board. Ladies put on swimming caps. People have fun in the swimming pool on board the ship. Dinner on board. Everyone is dressed very smartly. Gymnasium. Excellent shots of men in tailored trousers and pullovers using various types of strange early gym equipment, mainly machines jiggle the men's stomachs, other machines pat men on the back, other men ride some sort of mechanical rodeo horse that tests their riding skills. All gym equipment is designed to move the person rather than the person actually having to use any muscles! Back on deck, playing catch with a large ball. The swimming pool, slow motion shot of man doing backwards somersault into the pool.
Villefranche, Nice, Monte Carlo.
Drinks in a bar on land. Our four travellers go sightseeing. Barcelona. Text reads '…pre war Spain…'
Lilly pond. Fountain. Street scenes. Valencia street scenes. Rowing boat, women looking at toy souvenirs. Archway in a fortress type building, the façade is pot marked with gunfire or shell damage. Botanical gardens. Swans. Our four travellers walk through a formal rose garden.
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