Film: 4260

Feature Drama | 1900 | Sound | B/W


French silent melodrama with piano music and English voice-over seemingly added at a later date.

Intertitle: "c. 1906. France. A Bouquets of Violets"

A posh lady sits at a table in a garden and a well dressed man stands next to her sipping wine. She clutches a bouquet of violets. On her other side, a scruffier, more lower-class-looking man also holds a bunch of flowers. The posh man puts his wine back into his ice bucket. The lady peers round to her side, notices the scruffy man, and immediately runs over to him. He walks aggressively up to the posh man, pushing a chair out of his way as he goes. They appear to have an argument, while the lady stands to one side, vacantly staring at her flowers. The two men square up to one another, but the woman puts her hand on the scruffy man's shoulder. The posh man goes to leave, and his body language conveys that he does not wish to argue any longer. He puts on his top hat, picks up his cane and walks away. The woman and the scruffy man embrace. He talks to her and attempts to comfort her.

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