Film: 4263

Art + Architecture | 1960 | Mute | Colour


With a focus more on visitors to the Exhibition than on the pictures, look at Andy Warhol's work. Examples of 1960's fashion, fads and footwear, beautiful people, some famous screen prints shown, Marilyn Monroe for example.

Woman with shortish hair, 1/2 face in shot, background out of focus, talking to someone off camera and turning back. Woman with long brown, centre parted hair talks animatedly, ahs heavy blue eyeshadow, shakes head smiling. Womans legs in mini dress and high heeled shoes, Mary Jane style, walking. Two sets of feet, one in boots the other shoes with thick black straps, legs obscured by long red coat. Mens legs and feet, scruffy desert boots and cords, walks towards person in trousers and large heeled boots. Two pairs of legs in flared trousers. Pair of legs in mid-calf length high heeled Victorian eyelets boots, red/pink dress/skirt swagged and uneven length. Flared flowery trousers, worn with two tone leather shoes. Woman's legs in lace up leather boots, wearing 3/4 length cream coat with large fur edging. Woman's legs, over the knee skirt by several inches, court/pumps, child in turquoise between her legs, peoples legs in background. Womans legs, shoes with gold snaffles and rosettes, decorations, woman in suede or tan boots in background, panning up to show her tan Afghan style coat with wool collar and edging, she has blonde mid length hair and dark glasses, both women walk off away from camera. Warhol pictures, mans legs superimposed, pictures of flowers large screen prints, 2 large screen prints of flowers in pink and blue, back to smaller screen prints. Woman with long brown hair, centre parting, brown black eye make-up, looks around and up, pans out, she looks at man with brown tousled hair. Man with longish hair and moustache talks in front of the famous Andy Warhol Marilyn screen print, pans out to reveal he's talking to other man, then focuses on his hands. Red and black screen print, out of focus, then moves to what appears to be mans head, pans out to reveal balding, bearded man gazing at pictures. Silk screen self portrait of Andy Warhol. People gathered around Warhol's self portrait, pointing at aspects. Woman with short brown hair, wearing plaid coat stands and looks around, man walks in front and moves to stand next to her. Man with white hair and dark beard stares at camera and walks past, looking at pictures. Woman holding baby on back pack, other woman puts baby's hood up. Man peeps out from behind wall of paintings. Woman in very short mini dress and coat bends over tieing her shoes, she stands up again and walks away in a group. Two men in uniform, art gallery staff? Guards? Plump woman and man walk in front and obstruct vision. Two 60-70 year old women looking at pictures.

Man stands next to screen print, sketching. Two men in uniform, security talking to each other. Young man gazing/contemplating, people in background. Woman in pink coat/jacket with pink hair ornament and friend look at picture. Screen prints of blonde long haired woman. Large print of blonde haired woman in background, man with resemblance to Barry Manilow looks at pictures. Museum or gallery guards in uniform talking and pointing. Scan of some prints, not clear. Two men, one with heavy framed balck spectacles. Woman and man, she wearing 60's style material cap, ahir all tucked up beneath it, pointing. Two men, one with bearc, bearded man walks off, followed by other man, screen prints in background. Woman in oscelot/leopard print jacket, hair tied with bow walks past large print (Lyndon B Johnson?) with man with long hair. Womans boots, paning up to pantaloon style trousers, hair under black cap.

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