Film: 4264

Social History | 1970 | Mute | Colour


Scottish Life In The 1970s
Two men walk along shipping dock yard, ship or ferry in the background. One man, in dark glasses and 'side burns' talks to camera. View of harbour, very industrial. Man in office, sitting in chair, talks to camera. Wooden door and map of England behind him. Car pulls into a garage called 'Bascot Services'. Man walks out of car wearing colourful shirt and denim jacket. He is also interviewed along with a different man who stands in front of an orange shipping vessel in the harbour. Shots over vast farming countryside taken from low flying light aircraft. White flock of birds fly away as plane approaches, views of vast fields, some harvested, some still green - patch work effect on landscape. Sheep also run away as plane passes. Aerial view of small rural town or village - houses and cars look like miniature toys. Short montage sequence of rural Scottish games; focus on man's kilt as he spins round, other men dressed in kilts hurl logs (tossing the caber?) and discus and putt the shot in a field as spectators watch. City scene packed with tall buildings, steepled roofs, wide main roads, a clock tower. Woman wearing dark glasses and scarf over her head talks to camera on city pavement. Man in brown suit and moustache is interviewed as well. Shops (including 'K Shoe Shop') in background on other side of the street. Two older women are interviewed on same city street, cars pass on main road behind them. Other women interviewed on the street. Man in field - like a playing field - is interviewed wearing a casual cardigan. Good scenes of a fish market and fish mongers as they pack the fish ready to be transported and sold. Shot of rusty fishing boats docked side by side in harbour. Old man, smoking, walks along harbour on a grassy bank. A different view of harbour and the man is interviewed in front of it. The same people that were interviewed before talk to the camera again (the man in the office, the men on the harbour, the woman in the street, the man from the garage). Good shots of fishing or shipping boats in the water. Man in life jacket climbs up the mast of a boat to tend to the ropes. Choppy, wavy sea water below him. Four men in Scottish attire do a Scottish folk dance on a stage in a field with audience watching. View of new building site, with cranes and red scaffolding, by the harbour or bay. A man plays golf. A boat or a ferry begins to dock. The man on the mast begins to swing from a rope. A small aeroplane begins to land. Aerial views taken from light aircraft depicts neat houses in village by the sea. Very nice shots of Scottish coastal landscapes, rocky fragmented coast lines. Shot of man made stone trenches or maze leading to tower or castle on a cliff. Aeroplane descending on runway against country landscape. Passengers (mostly men) disembark from small plane, collect baggage and walk away. Large helicopters take off. Large group of seagulls flock around and follow a fishing boat, short clip of fisherman on boat. Focus on two women's hands as they knit woolly garments. A boy drives a tractor with cart full of hay attached, as older couple watch, on a vast farming country field on a slight mountain slope. Boy driving tractor. A car drives through a city street. Church-looking building in the background.

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