Film: 4267

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Man speaks of Pierre Levagh who crashed his Mercedes in a wall at Le Mans killing 83 people. Film of the crash and fire which happened on 11th June 1955. The worst motor racing crash.
Commentary shows a deserted race track and comments on banning the race. Re- building the motor race circuit to make it safer. Point of view of the cars on the road. Crowds watching the race. The J.T. 40 car wins in 1968 and 1969. Commentary talks of magic missing from the race since Ford pulled out. Point of view of the back window of a car. Car out of the pits. More crowds.
1975 winner crosses the line. He shakes a bottle of champagne and sprays the crowd. James Coburn talks to camera on trends away from developing flash cars. Perhaps the 24 hour race should go back to the best in production cars. James Coburn gets into a Porshe. A still of a 1920's motor car with a British flag on it.

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