Film: 4271

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Ministry of home security training film for air raid wardens during World War Two. How to manage their duties and post. "The Working of a Warden's Post". The job of the ARP during World War Two: meteorology, gas masks, respirators for babies.

Intertitle - "The efficiency and keenness of wardens can largely be gauged by the workmanlike appearance and arrangement of their post". A man with a long coat and hard hat emerges from a war bunker. Two wardens sit at a desk in an underground bunker recording weather and telephone calls. Intertitle - "Of vital importance is a large scale plan of the post area showing the warden's patrols and other local information essential for the wardens". Close-up of the map on the wall. The two men read and discuss things. Intertitle - "At the end of his turn of duty, Warden A turns over to his relief, Warden B, and the necessary record is made in the Attendance Register". A warden walks in and the two men stand and shake his hand. The relief warden signs himself in a book. Intertitle - "Everything affecting the working of the Post is recorded in the Log Book, whilst an up-to-date record of all the Post equipment is kept in the Equipment Register". Close-up of the equipment register. Intertitle - "Every day the wardens check the post clock and test the Post telephone". The weather and wind conditions are observed and recorded in the Post Log Book. One of the wardens leaves the bunker and looks up at a weather cock on top of a nearby roof. The entrance to the bunker has a sign which jokingly reads "The Savoy". Inside he alters the wind direction on a dial on the wall. He then sweeps the floor. The other warden answers the telephone. Intertitle - "All incoming messages are carefully recorded on in-message forms and logged". He writes down a message. Intertitle - "The wardens are ready at all times to help people who come to the Post for advice, e.g. about respirators and babies' helmets. Two women enter the bunker with a baby. The man lays the helmet on the table and shows the women how to secure the baby. The women sit down and he shows them how to put a gas mask on. Intertitle - "Householders should be advised to keep in touch with their nearest Warden". The warden writes down contact numbers for the women and they leave. Intertitle - "People who are concerned about the safety of their animal pets, must be given advice and, if necessary, directed to the nearest Animal Guard. Outside the bunker a woman with a dog knocks on the door. A warden comes up and advises her. Intertitle - "The Warden points out the advantages of a white lead for use in the blackout". He gives her a white lead and pets the dog.


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