Film: 4272

Industry + Work | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Educational film about traditional woodcutting. The most difficult task seems to be to move the logs.
A big tree in the mountains. A woodcutter and a boy arrive with axes and a huge saw. First they clean the trunk of branches, then they saw. After a (long) while they use their axes, on the other side of the tree. They chop two notches, then continue sawing. They use their axes again. The tree... falls down. Boy and woodcutter run a few steps away to avoid being hit. Still in the forest. Logs. The wood cutter removes the bark of a log. Then he and another one move the log with two pickaxes to the other side in order to continue removing the bark. They pull and push the log so that it rolls down the slope. Then some more. Two of them fall down a precipice, lots of other logs at the bottom. Workers measure the thickness of some logs and stamp numbers on them, writing down the results in a list. Some long shots of workers moving the log onto a stack of wood, using pickaxes (your back and spine start to hurt only by watching them...).

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