Film: 4273

Industry + Work | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Educational documentary on how to print linen cloth (traditionally).
Two girls in traditional costumes take linen out of a chest. A huge barn. The girls leave. They walk past some carpets hanging on bars and give the linen to the worker. One of the girls. The worker shows them some of the printed linens. The other girl. The worker puts the linen into a barrel with water. Boxes with numbers in a shelf. The worker takes one. A mould of St. George (?) fighting against a dragon. Another one, flowers. Another one, More flowers. And another one. The worker spreads colour on a board, presses a mould on the board, then presses the mould on the linen. The printed pattern. The worker repeats the process several times, covers the linen with the pattern (flowers). He takes the linen and hangs it over a bar, next to other linen-cloths. He hangs other linens on a ring with sprockets, then lowers the ring into a barrel filled with colour (?). later, He pulls the ring out again. The linens are shown. Probably they look different than before, but as this is a b/w film it is impossible to see it. The worker lowers the ring into the barrel again, then pulls it up again. He separates the linens with a stick, then takes them off the ring. He puts them into a different barrel (water?), shows them. Then he puts them onto a wheel barrow, pushes the wheelbarrow through the garden (where a dog jumps around) to a brook. There he washes some of the linens and hangs them over a bar. He pulls the wheelbarrow back to the house again (probably after the linens are dry), and there he rolls them over a roller, puts the roller into a press, presses the linens. Afterwards he unrolls the printed linens. He shows and gives them to the girls and says good bye to them. Textile production.

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