Film: 4274

Animation | 1930 | Silent | B/W


A film credited with Nazi overtones.
A princess wakes up, gets up, goes to the window, looks out. The castle. - A boy sitting in a chair, dreaming, then waking up and rubbing his eyes. - King and guards, opening a gate. The boy gets out of the chair, greets the king. They leave the room. - The princess gets a bunch of white flowers. - The boy goes into the kitchen, the cook bows. The boy sees the bunch of flowers, takes them and smells at them. - Princess and king: 'Do you think he'll manage the third examination?' They lookout of the window. The castle. A thunderstorm. The boy looks out of his window. The castle in the storm. - The boy stand next to a giant in the hall. The giant tries to grab the boy, but the boy runs round him. The giant smashes a chair on the floor, but misses. The giant grabs the boy and smashes him to the floor, then tries to kill him. But his beard catches in a spool; and he can't move. 'Mercy! Mercy! I'll show to you great treasures!' The boy agrees. They go downstairs. Chests of treasures, and a skeleton. The chests open. The giant disappears. The boy looks at a piece of jewellery. - The castle, morning. The throne. Guards. The king and his adviser. More guards. Princess, chambermaid and a small child. Finally: The boy. Servants bring the chests and open them. The king is excited and lead princess and boy together. The castle wall. A fanfare. Guards pull up a flag. A canon shot. The flag. In the castle: Boy and princess as groom and bride. Another canon shot, another fanfare. Boy and princess kneel in front of the altar and get married. - Wedding meal, the king, boy and princess. Boy: 'But I haven't learnt how to be frightened! - The princess has an idea and talks to the chambermaid. The chambermaid talks to the small child. The child talks to another chambermaid. Candles are extinguished: night. - The chambermaid gives a barrel of fishes to the princess. The princess pours them into the sleeping boy's bed. He gets up, frightened. The jumping fishes. The boy, 'dancing' to avoid them. Then he sits down. 'Huh! I'm frightened! I'm frightened!'. He is contented. The fishes. - 'Ende'.

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