Film: 4279

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Snails and slugs.
Fresh water snail. Rocky beach. Waves crashing against rocks. River . Lake. Forest. Snails in an aquarium. Close ups of different types of snail shells. Close up of snail emerging from shell and moving. Diagram of labelled parts of snail. Scientist touches tentacles to show the snail's sensitivity. Close ups of snails crawling across glass. Close up of mucus track left by snail. Study of snail's dried out mucus track. Snail retracting into shell. Snail eating grass or pong algae. Close up of mouth and tongue (radula) of snail. Microscopic detail of marks left by snail's 'teeth' or radula on glass. Radula that has been removed from a snail showing ribbon of tiny teeth. Diagram showing position of organs inside the snail shell. Discussion of shell growth and close up showing growth rings. Two snails mating. Pond snail laying eggs on a leaf. Close up of eggs. Tiny snails hatch and start to feed. Snail crawling behind a ruler to illustrate size. Close up of head of fish. Duck with head under water. Fish swimming in the water. Snail buried in the sand for the winter. Close ups of lots of types of snails. Slug. Close up of its mouth. Different types of sea snails and slugs including black and white spotted slug. Sea floor, plants and rippling light.

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