Film: 428

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Smart people in 1920's at health spa.

At a health resort; Baden-Baden, Germany.
About 200 elegant people sitting on chairs on a square. Others walk around, in front of them, or in the aisle. A street at the base of a hill, buildings, a small church. A horse and carriage pass. A fountain between trees. A small river, 2 elegant people walking next to it. A woman in a park, with umbrella and fur, walking. A river or channel in the park. Lots of elegantly dressed people, taking walks on a square. They are sitting at café-tables on the square. More people, taking walks, sitting, relaxing. Some tables and a waitress. A buffet of grapes. Some people at the buffet; plates of grapes; some glasses with wine (or juice). The waitress, with a strange hat, brings a tray with wine glasses to a table, serves. The people take out straws and start to use them to drink (So probably it is juice - we are in a health resort, after all). An elegant couple, the woman with hat and fur, walking. A band in the background and some couples dancing in front of the 'Kurhaus' (health building); a sign: 'REGINA: Tanz-Orchester Kurhaus Baden-Baden' ('REGINA: the dance-orchestra of the Baden-Baden Kurhaus') A couple, drinking coffee or tea at a table outside a café. A couple in the park (woman with hat and fur), walking towards the camera, smiling. In the street. Outside a large café, people sitting and drinking tea/coffee, a waiter waiting and walking between the tables. A man, sitting on a balcony, drinking tea/coffee. He talks to the cameraman. Then he lights a pipe and leans back. Two men who seem to be important (mayor and … ?) stand in front of a building that looks important (town hall?). A view of the city. Some people, getting into a convertible and driving away elegantly. A couple, drinking tea or coffee.

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