Film: 4281

Medicine | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Frozen Mammal Renovation or resuscitation
. Hamster grooming itself. Feeding from drinking-tube. Animal in close up being restrained with fingers around the neck. Being hung from fingers by scruff of neck. Animal, which is being supported in a lump of straw, is draped into a large glass jar. Top is screwed on, jar is placed into tray of ice and covered. A section of jar is uncovered, and then the jar is removed from ice and the top is unscrewed. Rigid hamster is removed from jar. Placed into tray of crushed ice and covered with more ice. Close up of hamster frozen solid into ice, with tube inserted into rectum. Close up of thermometer reading. Thermometer removed from rectum. Hamster transferred into tray of water, covered with sensory pads, trace is shown on measuring equipment. Hamster is next placed between two glass supports. A weight is placed on its stomach to show that it is in fact frozen solid. Just to confirm this, the hamster is tapped against a wooden table. Female scientist connects tubing to the hamster and proceeds to pump air into its mouth. Medium shot of prostrate hamster, it starts to move very slightly. Thermometer removed from rectum. Hamster covered with water, by hand, in a bowl. Dried with towel. Laid out flat on surface, twitching slightly. Various shots of animal coming 'back to life'. Eventually rolls itself over and stares into camera. Hamster in straw. Hamster grooming itself. Cut to hamster, still motionless being removed from monitoring tank. Graph readings. Flaccid hamster placed on glass supports, falls through (not frozen enough). Hamster placed beneath heating panel (presumably). Switching dial on equipment. Close up of wet fur. Hamster gradually coming round.

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