Film: 4283

Medicine | 1970 | Silent | Colour


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Various shots woman typing. Woman's arm being tested for reflexes. Elbow and wrist tapped with hammer. Ankle reflexes being tested with hammer. Young woman talks into camera. Close up of leg flexion, at knee. Flexion at ankle. Woman with inflammation in legs walks across frame. Woman's legs flexion and extension at knee. Sideways shot of leg, flexion and extension at knee. Elderly woman walks with difficulty across frame. Black male infant, walks across frame with directions from nurse and then holding hand of nurse. Walks perhaps with a little difficulty. Child turns backwards and forwards across frame at each end and hand pushing him is visible. Two nurses beckon child. He runs from one to the other. Close up of child's ankles, flexion and extension. Asian infant walks backwards and forwards, lolloping. At one stage he is almost skipping and smiling. Middle aged woman limps, or hobbles, across frame. Sideways shot of leg being flexed and extended slowly. Elderly woman walks stiffly across frame.

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