Film: 4284

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Fungus Infection Treated With Griseofulyin
Tinea capitis. Before treatment. Small boy with large unsightly sore on head. Close ups of lesions. After 24 days treatment with 'grisovin', boy sits in chair as cap is removed to show sore. Close up of lesion, to show that it is drying.
Tinea corporis. Before treatment. Man sits with back of neck to camera. Closer shot, to show area of infection. After treatment with 'Grisovin', lesion seems much better.
Tinea barbae. Before treatment. Nurse stand behind seated man, rotates his head to show swelling on face. Close up of lesion. Nurse squeezes area to show that there is no tenderness. After treatment. Man stares into camera, rotates his head in slow motion to show that swelling has subsided. Close up of almost completely healed area.
Tinea capitis. Before treatment. Lesion behind left ear, of boy. Close up of lesion, shot in Wood's light to show florescence. After treatment. Lesion has healed. Little or no fluorescence under Wood's light.
Tinea corporis. Before treatment. Large annular lesions over chest and neck of little girl. Scattered lesions on legs. After treatment. Upper body shot, practically clear. Legs also clear.

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