Film: 4286

Sport | 1960 | Sound | Colour + B/W


Documentary about bicycle design. Models of bikes. Man cycles along road. British inventor Alex Molton (designer of mini car suspension) with another man bent over designer's drawing board. Life size drawing of bicycle. Man holds metal parts of bike over the drawings. Tests the suspension of the front fork. Demonstrates couplings. Welding. Man with oxy-acetylene torch and wearing protective goggles. Engineers build bike. Testing brakes, fitting chain, tightening bolts. Bike has two small wheels. Adjustable saddle. Woman fits shopping bag on back of bike before riding off. Man pulls bike into two pieces and stores them in the back of his car, a Morris 1100. Molton rides down side road and sports cyclist emerges from same road on same type of bicycle with small wheels. It has sprinters drop handlebars. Chocked exercise bike in laboratory with man. Man is pedalling fast and wears respirator. Doctors (one black) monitor man. Exhaled air is examined. Scientist in classroom lectures. Uses board duster. Breathing experiment, graph draws lines. 70 year old heart monitor machine (which runs on little railway track). Modern medical monitoring equipment. [Ends here].

Olympia. Six day cycle race (b/w-silent). Cyclist rides round track with one foot on handlebars whilst eating. Fast racing. Overtaking slower riders. Very, very tight banking on tight bends. Good racing. Velodrome.

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