Film: 4287

Sport | | Sound + Silent | Colour + B/W


- [Colour] Excerpt from documentary circa 1970. Pan out from ornate serpent-shaped handlebars to show early bicycle, a hobby horse (?). Man cycling 1865 bicycle. Man riding penny farthing. Other pedalled machines. Various stills and images of people cycling.
- [Colour] - short clip amateur film of statue of Queen Victoria and a British street with cars on it, 1950's.
- 1890's, [b/w], short film of horse drawn tram coming towards camera. Man on bicycle cycles towards horses and right into us before falling down. Man runs to his assistance and helps him onto bike again. He wave bike off and indicate to tram driver he may go.
- Hearst Metrotone News. Sound, b/w. Bicycle racing in Rome. Binda of Italy wins. Race starts. (1930's).

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