Film: 4288

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


French newsreel. 1947 Tour de France. Cyclist checks his water bottle is firmly attached. Camera smokes and puts camera strap round his neck. Start of the race with car in front. Race enters Amiens. Lone cyclist pedals hard. The peloton in the countryside. Cyclists ride over cobbled streets. Sign says "Lille, 6km". Finishing line. Two filthy cyclists stand with their arms round each other. Man drinks from flask. Lille centre. Start of next day's race (?) Rene Giteaux (?) Finishing banner. Finishing line. Cyclist drinks a glass of beer. There is foam all over his mouth. Race enters Luxembourg (?) Spectator turns hose on riders. Man runs alongside racer with bucket of water. Race finishes in cycling stadium, velodrome. Winner takes the plaudits of the crowd. Spectators stand at village water trough and throw buckets of water over cyclists. Climbing in the mountains. Sprint finish in velodrome. Winner, Swiss (?) has water poured over his head. Woman kisses him.

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