Film: 4289

Sport | 1890 | Sound | B/W


French Newsreel, 1950's (sound), Cyclists at velodrome preparing to race. Lots of bikes in racks. A race. Sprint to finish (rather dark). Presumed winners. "Cycling-French style" at Gervaise Track in Paris. Lots of different types of bicycles, very small, midget bicycles. Large bikes with big pneumatic tyres. Bike with two large wheels. Girl drives miniature toy-type car and lifts front in air so car spins. Motorized armchair. Autopram, motorized pram. Motorized armchair, man sits on it as it drives along, he reads newspaper.
- Victorians cycle round corner. Lots of people on bikes. Women in white dresses and wearing hats. Tandems. Men tip their boaters to the camera. After about 100 people have ridden by, two men roller-skate or actually rollerblade past.
- Edwardian cyclist. French cyclists. Mainly ladies in smart white (sound, U.S. film). People's feet in close up on many seated tandem. Pan along at shoes on pedals. Six person bicycle cycles off.

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