Film: 4290

Places + Locations | 1910 | Sound | B/W


A record of a Massai lion hunt. On a plain in Africa a white horse ridden by a black man gallops towards camera. As it passes the camera pans (too quickly) and the horse begins to trot. Massai warriors walking in single file through African plain. They hold shields in one hand and spears in the other. Some of them wear head dresses. Badly edited sequence: Lion, in distance, hiding under bush, a row of Massai throwing spears (?) (shot from behind them). Cut back to lion, then glimpse of lion running. Intertitle: 'Cherry Kearton's dog attacks the lion'. Trees on plain, distance can just make out animal moving. A horse ridden by man rides into shot and out again. Massai warriors run into shot with their spears held high (chasing lion). a group of Massai huddling around the dead lion. Two Massai standing, another two dragging carcass away, as white hunter walks into centre of frame (he wears wide brimmed hat, shirt, breeches) and points. Two white men (one wearing pith helmet) and two Massai warriors, dragging lion. The warriors stand looking at dead lion at their feet. One walks forward and plants spear next to lion. The group disperses. Two white men in safari gear, one smokes, the other points in the foreground. In background the Massai dancing in a circle. One of the Massai lifts the dead lion's head to the camera. He then drops it and stands. (Other Massai in background). Intertitle: 'Dance of Triumph'. Massai warriors holding their shields above their heads, stamping the ground and walking in single file. Intertitle: 'The second Lion Attacks the Massais'. In distance can see lion moving, a horse and horseman behind it. A single Massai with spear held aloft runs in followed by a whole line of them. The lion runs off. The lion stops and turns. The Massais reappear running after lion until it runs into them, the group attack lion. Intertitle: 'The Third Lion Runs Away'. Lion running out of bushes. Group of Massais around cornered lion (good shot) as they throw their spears into it. Lion being chased by Massai. It is cornered. Spears are thrown, it roars and lunges. It is killed.

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