Film: 4296

Aviation | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Pan Am air flight from the United States to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Sikorski S-42? Brazilian Clipper.
Titles. Pan American Airways flight from the United States to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, seaplane Clipper, ready to take off. Map of Central and South America with the main cities and the stops along the way from Miami to Rio. Several business men and their wives board the Clipper. They are greeted by the captain and crew in their uniforms. Close up propellers. Close up captain on wheel. Clipper airplane taking off from Biscayne Bay, Miami. Medium shot propellers. Aerial shot of Miami.
HAITI REPUBLIC: aerial shot of Emperor Cristobal Fort. God shot of the city Port Principe. Good shot of Cathedral Notre Dame ( built in Napoleonic years). Presidential Palace. Indigenous people walking and woman on donkey in the city. Several indigenous people travel on donkeys and on foot to the city, carrying goods on top of their heads. Market full of people.
Clipper flying.
PUERTO RICO: Aerial shot of the island. Aerial of the bay. City of San Juan, tram, people. Several shots the city. Spanish relics with flag, Castillo del Morro.
Clipper flying. Shots of the pilots. Shots of "ground operators" working. Clipper flying.
TRINIDAD: Aerials hot of bay, Port of Spain (English Colony) . Shots of the city with people, carts, bicycles and cars. Sign "Frasers". Shots of colonialists in white. An Indian dressed in white with turban.
Clipper taking off. Panoramic with sunrise ( hardly noticed). Back shot of captain. Tilt down from aircraft to the sea, other aeroplanes on sight. Tilt from ship to Clipper. Air host serving food. Air host preparing drinks. Passengers eating very fancy food. Sound: casi-aspirin advert by Bayer. Passengers playing cards.
ENGLISH GUYANA: Several shots of Kaieteur Falls. River and indigenous people in canoe.
Clipper flying. Back shot of pilots.
BRAZIL: Aerial shot of Recife, capital of Pernambuco. Clipper landing. Shots of the Bahia. Lots of churches. Buildings 16th century.
Back shot of pilot. Clipper flying. Clipper and mountains.
BRAZIL cont.: Aerial shot Rio de Janeiro Bay.
Plane landing. Passengers off the plane.
RIO DE JANEIRO (capital of Brazil at that time): Palm trees. Cosmopolitan city with big avenues. Designed pavements. Aerial shot of city. Aerial shot of Copacabana full of bathers and umbrellas. People playing on beach. People going to visit "Christ the Redeemer" on the Corcovado Mountain. Shots of Christ statue. Clipper flying. View from the aircraft of "Christ the Redeemer" and mountains as the plane leaves Rio de Janeiro.
Clipper flying.

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