Film: 4322

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Unions build Low rent Housing: Autumn construction of Ottawa's Morretown housing development, brain-child of the Council of the Trades and Labour congress, eliminates seasonal unemployment for bricklayers, plasterers and carpenters.
New Life for Ghost Town Miners.: Aided by the provincial government, jobless mine workers of Alberta move from Nordegg and other abandoned coal mining areas to obtain new work elsewhere in Canada.

Good montage of men doing different trades, holding up a fish net, a railway engineer, welding, a musician, hammering and the lone woman at a sewing machine. Ottawa, Ontario. 'Unions Build Low Rent Housing.' A construction site, building duplexes ( semi-detached houses) and single family detached houses. A man raises bricks on a pulley. Putting up the ridge of a roof. A snow plough. A surveyor looks through one of his instruments. Sign for Mooretown, by the Ottawa and District trades and Labor Council. Two men look at a blueprint of the development. Doing construction inside on some stairs, one man lights a Chatco furnace. Fitting the steps of stairs. Finishing off the ceiling. Plastering the roof. Moving in with doors. A woman and one of the workers measures a window for curtains. Mayor Whitney tours one of the houses. The mother opens the curtains at one of the windows. The living room where the father reads the newspaper, and two children plays on the ground, very suburban.

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