Film: 4328

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Alps. Rhine, Switzerland, Germany.
A boat by the shore, viewed from above. People walk in a village a small church behind, northern Italy?. A view from the sea of a harbour, a small town, a ferry is approaching. Pan of harbour. A road by the side of a cliff, a car whizzing by water bubbling (view from above) a bridge in the background. Alp mountains with scattered trees, green hills, snow top in the background, a small hut. A road leading to a big house in the mountains. Still pictures of the mountains. Cows, mountain viewed from above. A bridge over a valley. A large jet of water (geyser like) man made in display in the middle of a harbour, probably Geneva, Switzerland. A view of the church bells and town's roof tops. The houses at the bottom of a mountain, on top a fort. A view of large building in the town centre, shops in front of church entrance. Rhine scenes, Germany. Reflections of building in the water people looking over the water from a bridge. Two fishermen. Picnic behind the car, over looking the water. Along boat is crossing, two ferries in opposite directions. Catles along the Rhine. A long boat is carrying a load, people bathing whilst boats are behind them, a boat is approaching a red flag. Fishermen spread out along the bank, a church and a small village in a mountain scenario, an open vehicle is approaching with many people waving. The man in the picnic. A train is coming. Fishing boats in a port. Nine men around a big contained of fish.

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