Film: 4332

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


The ascent of Mount Everest in Nepal by Irvine and George Mallory, lots of ice pack mountain shots, porters and sherpas,
The last title reads " and as the sun still sets to the night, she remains..........UNCONQUERED "

Eight expedition members (including Mallory) pose for camera in front of a tent. The are enjoying themselves. A line of twenty or so porters or sherpas, all with packs on. Six sherpas lined up without packs. Close up of two smiling sherpas. Packing up at the start point. Mules. The Jelep Pass between India and Tibet at 15000 feet. Mule train. Some mules carry packs, some carry people and some people walk. The highest town in the world - Phari Dzong. Yaks. People of the town. A smiling old man. An elderly woman shyly laughs. Old man hitting drum as he dances. A camp with people and yaks. Two men load up a yak. Party treks over plain. Castle of Kampa Dzong at 15000 feet. Monastery of Rongbuk at 16000 feet. This is the shrine dedicated to Mount Everest or Chomo Lungma – Goddess Mother of the World. Basecamp and smaller camps established up the Rongbuk glacier. Clouds and shadows of clouds passing quickly over snow of glacier and mountain. Series of shots of mountain through different lenses. A couple of expedition members stand on a ridge with part of mountain behind. The Great Ice Cliff at 23000 feet. Distant shots of two climbers in an ice gully. Camp at top of ice cliff with man outside tent. Five men trudge off across ice from this top camp. Caption tells us Mallory and Irvine are in the group. Lower down the mountain a climber and a couple of porters with a telescope on the ground. Man looks through telescope up at mountain. Caption tells us men are sighted 600 feet below summit but 5 hours behind schedule. The mountain top viewed from below. Very long shot from base camp of men at higher camp. At higher camp men arranging sleeping bags in snow to send a message. Four men walk on ice. Still picture of mountain with captions shows where Mallory and Irvine reached. A stone cairn – a monument to the dead climbers. Still photos of the two men. Everest peak with clouds blowing over it

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