Film: 4340

Science | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Food and nutrition and vitamins

Professor John Yudkin is in a laboratory talking to the camera about which food nutrients are required by the body. A woman is breast feeding. Close up of the baby breast feeding. Professor John Yudkin talks about the chemical analysis of milk, he hands the discussion to a colleague who is sitting at a laboratory bench full of chemical bottles. An animated diagram explains the chemical composition of milk followed by the technician or scientist talking. Another diagram explains why some elements are more vital than others. A microscopic view of live blood vessels with blood flowing. A man sweats profusely while working in a foundry. An animated diagram of blood corpuscles. The Haem formula of haemoglobin. Pan over a table containing a plate with steaks, liver, peas, a "Cadbury's Bournville" cocoa tin, "Heinz" baked beans tin, "Whitworths Lentils". A baby breast feeding. Another diagram explains the importance of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and fluorine. The aftermath of a thermonuclear explosion. Another diagram explains the importance of iodine. A person with an enlarged thyroid gland (goitre). A sea trawler. A fishnet unloading fish onto a fishing boat. An aerial view of possibly Covent Garden. Close up of vegetable crates. Another diagram explains the importance of potassium. An open heart surgery (beating heart is visible). A scientist or technician sitting in front of chemical bottles. Four mice in a cage are fed a purified diet, after a time the mice exhibit malnutrition (this was a reconstruction of Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins pure diet experiments, he won the Nobel prize in 1929). Close up of mice showing signs of malnutrition. Once milk was added to the mice diet, they improved, this experiment led to the discovery of vitamins. A diagram shows a list of vitamins. A book is paged through, it reveals various vitamin deficient diseases. Blood flowing through blood vessels. Fish in the sea. A young boy eats a spoon of cod liver oil (he looks very happy!). Free range chickens. Half of a hard boiled egg. A fresh salad with two slices of boiled egg. People and children sunbathing on the shores of a lake. A street fruit stall, people buying fruit. Close up of the fruit. A guinea pig. A monkey eating a banana. Cabbage boiling in a pan, the cabbage water is used for making gravy. A table containing lamb chops, eggs, bacon, liver and pulses. The chemical formula of vitamin B, of Riboflavin, nicotinic acid. Vegetables in crates. Free range chickens. Sea fish. A boy happily eating cod liver oil! A baby breast feeding.

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