Film: 4341

Politics | 1990 | Sound | Colour


European Union , the EEC or Common Market. The united Germany joining the European Union. Berlin Wall being demolished.

Dublin, Ireland. O'Connell Street. Outside Trinity College in the centre of the city. A billboard for a special European Union Summit (1990?) on German unity. European leaders get out of fancy cars in front of a colonnaded building. Francois Mitterrand. Helmut Kohl. Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey. And Margaret Thatcher. Customs House and the River Liffey. Bonn. Talks between the two Germanys and the United States, the U.S.S.R, Britain and France. Lots of shots of reporters with ear pieces for translations. United States Secretary of State James Baker. Prime Minister ? of East Germany? Bank of press photographers. Night demolition of the Berlin Wall. The Brandenburg Gate in scaffolding. A couple look as the wall comes down. The communications tower in Alexanderplatz. The Parliament of the German Democratic Republic. Prime Minister De Maiziere making a speech there. Schwerin. Polling booths for the 6 March elections. The candidate for the Christian Democrats in Schwerin.
Filmmakers Wolfgang and Christian Lauenstein, winners of an Oscar. One of the twins works at a Steenbeck. A bit from their short movie, Balance.
Dresden on the River Elbe. The Royal Castle. The ruins of the Frauenkirche in Dresden. A home improvement store in Dresden, where people are shopping for things to fix their homes, after the shortage of supplies in the planned economy. A man walks out with a tall ladder. An old building surrounded by scaffolding.

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