Film: 4344

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Various items
Eton College Schoolboys in top hats and tails. Parade as O.T.C. (Officer Training Corps?) in grounds of Eton College Public School. Boys carry rifles. They are drilled by regular soldier. Quick marching, slow walking. Fixing bayonets. standing to attention. Quick drill without guns.
Southend Regatta - the big yachts 'Britannia', 'Shamrock' and 'Endeavour' sailing. Filmed at sea from another boat. Billowing sail.
Oxford men's lacrosse team in training. practising catching the ball in their nets on their sticks and scoring. Bullying off(?). Jumping for ball. They wear protective leather headgear.
Southwark - Dickens celebrations. The Tabard players celebrate the birth of Dickens by performing scenes from 'David Copperfield' on a wagon in the courtyard of the George Inn. Crowd look down on actors' period costume. Large audience.
Maisemore, Gloucestershire. The River Severn and its Bore (large wave) which rushes inland at speed of over 13mph.
Whipsnade Zoo. Toy teddy bear played with by three tiger cubs.
Horse race - Epsom Derby, 1934. Won by Windsor Lad for the Maharajah of Rajpipla. The horses line up for the start, the wires go up, the horses race off, around Tattenham Corner, up the straight in slow motion, beating Euston and Colombo the favourite. The Maharajah smiles.
Aldershot Searchlight Tattoo (in broad daylight). Large numbers of soldiers jog around in formation in athletic kit. Re-enacting the siege of Namur with old-style mortars and cannon in period costume. Attackers retreat from castle.
Isle of Man Senior T.T. motorcycle race won by J. Guthrie. Starter starts motorcyclists one at a time. The motorcyclist does a running start. Cyclists round corners and go over dangerous bend on a bridge. Chequered flag. The winner and men stand around him cheering.
London Trooping the Colour on Horseguards Parade. Soldiers march. Cavalry.
Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Shrove Tuesday Ball Game. Lots of men play informal football. Starter throws ball in air. Men struggle and wrestle for football in stream. Man swims in river below weir to get ball and throws it into field. Men stand on weir. Man runs off kicking football. Man wades in water with ball. Other man hauls him out.
Kennel Club Dog Show at Crystal Palace. Dalmatian barks. Various dogs including white poodle and terrier. Man runs with dog at his side. good interior of the Crystal Palace, South London showing pillars.

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