Film: 4346

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound | B/W


France and rural life in Brittany, near Dinan. France
children in the farmyard as the farmer leaves in a horse and cart, rabbits, the children leave for school, mother churns butter, the family have dinner in a farmhouse kitchen, very nice shots of Dinan and the food market, children look in the windows of the toy shop.

A farm yard with a barn made out of stone, in France, Brittany near Dinan. Two children stand on a gate to swing it open, another boy pushes the other half of the gate. Two men, father and grandfather in a horse drawn cart drive through the gate on their way to the fields. Marie, the little girl walks up to a barn, to feed the rabbits. Pierre, her little brother, puts some greens in the white speckled rabbit’s cage, the entire wall has rabbit hutches on it. Marie looks after the other rabbits. Pierre is very enthusiastic. Marie gives a baby rabbit to Pierre who runs away with it. Jean sits outside the barn reading a book. Pierre and Marie join him. Marie folds her pinafore and gives Jean his shoes. A close up of Marie’s wooden shoes with wool insert that she uses in the farm yard and her school shoes of leather. Mother comes out and gives them both a kiss, Pierre follows them to the gate. Marie and Jean walk up a country road away from home. Cowherd moves his cattle along the road. Pierre gives him a wave. Marie in her class in school, there are rows of wooden desks and benches. The children all close their books as the teacher brings out a map of Europe. Marie gets up to point out the capital of France and the nearest village, which is Dinan. Marie and Jean come home from school. Pierre sits on the front steps, father is pitching hay into the barn and mother is making butter in a churning barrel. Pierre and father lead the horse away from the barn, while Marie and Jean change their shoes. Mother takes the butter out of the buttermilk in the churn into a bowl. Marie pours cool water over the butter and mother pats it into a big lump. Mother shapes the butter and marks a pattern with a spoon. Jean brings in the cows. Mother cooks in a large pot over the open hearth. Marie watches as she stirs whatever is in the pot. The family, Father, grandfather, mother, Jean, Pierre and Marie gather round the table. They stand as they say grace and father cuts the loaf of bread, its huge! Pierre tries to cut is bit of meat. The Rance River side of Dinan. Mother and the children in the wagon with the basket of vegetables. The tall bridge that crosses the River Rance into the town. Place Sainte Sauveur market? The children help mother set out the cauliflower and other vegetables on the stall. Mother visits a woman who has a lace table cloth. Customer comes along and mother tends to him. The children wander about the town, the building are old and largely wood and plaster, some with overhangs on the street. The children place such a building (still exists) the children look in the window of a woodcarver. Pilgrims and medieval knights carved in wood. Marie drags her brothers to a window that shows dolls in traditional Breton costume. The church steeple clock showing noon. Mother in the trap waiting for the children. Marie finds bagpiper doll in her mother’s basket for her birthday!

(10 mins)

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