Film: 4350

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Underwater drama with creatures, robots and octopus.
Man and woman hug and kiss. Underwater sea creatures mass around in groups. They are with bug like creatures on the ground. Two people in robot type suits for diving underwater . They swim about. Octopus. The two people in space suits carry an air compressor from one ship to another. The woman in her suit falls. The creature and the octopus pursue. She gets up just in time. The creatures attack. The battle between the human in robot suits and the underwater creatures. The title says "Hatred and Vengeance". The creatures cheer on the battling robots. One is pushed down and the water flows into a punctured helmet. The creatures are maddened by the blood coming out of the robots punctured suit. The creatures attack the other robots. The octopus arrives. A creature tries to enter the ship through the air lock. The octopus sits on the ship. Its tentacles go around one of the robots. The robots open the air lock. The crew rush in. The crew fix the air compressor. The ship which is a submarine moves. The octopus loosening its grip and the submarine gets away. The creatures are below.

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