Film: 4351

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Ophthalmic Surgical Techniques
1 - Extracapsular cataract extraction. Traditional method using Graefe knife and capsule forceps, suturing cornea to eyelid, cornea incised, lens removed, cleaning with jet of saline.
2 - Intracapsular cataract extraction. Using keratone and scissors, buried barraquer sutures:
a) with cross-action forceps, cornea sutured to eyelid, incision, removal of lens, suturing.
b) with barraquer erisophake, suction instrument used to remove lens.
3 - Juvenile cataract, dispersal of soft lens matter, washing away of soft lens contents through corneal incision in child.
4 - Glaucoma.
a) Conventional inridencleisis, corneal incision, introduction of saline with syringe, suture.
b) Sclerectomy, corneal incision, draining of aqueous, stitching.
5 - Retinal detachment. Scleral infolding with diathermy, operation footage, diagram to show condition, more footage, with diagrams.
6 - Corneal grafting. Penetrating graft from cadaver eye, boring out graft, disc cut from scarred cornea, new lens scooped into place, suturing.
7 - Squint operation. Resection of lateral rectus, recession of medial rectus, shortening of one horizontal muscle, with suturing.
8 - Dacryocysto rhinostomy. Face being marked for suture between eyes and nose, after initial incision, tear duct open and clamped, definition of median palpable ligament, probe inserted, exposure of lacrymal fossa, stitching of wound.

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