Film: 4353

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Acute Inflammation
Runner on starting blocks, sprinting round bend of track, micrograph of blood vessels with blood cells pumping through. White cells moving in amoeboid fashion. Diagram of blood moving through capillaries. Exchange of fluid due to osmotic gradients. Animation of tissue fluid being forced through wall. Forearm is scratched with sharp instrument, close up of inflamed scratch. Shot of bad burn on hand. Close up of wound on palm of hand. Hand with nettle rash, nettles in background, hand with contact dermatitis. Young girl with herpes simplex, close up of sores on face, chest x-ray, conjunctivitis, boil on wrist, animation of mechanism of inflammation. Micrographs of the inflammation process, dilation of vessels leading to slowing of blood, fluid seeping from vessels into tissues. Palms of hands held upwards, one with sore which has resulted in swelling. Animation to show passage of protein molecules into vessel. Oedemic hand is prodded with finger, posterior shot of woman's torso, one arm is bandaged near the armpit, woman raises arms in turn, one much less than the other. Micrograph of fibrin network. Various shots migrating leucocytes. Leucocytes adhering to capillary wall. Leucocytes (white cells) squeezing through capillary wall. Polymorphic ingesting bacteria. Macrophages ingesting debris, fibroblasts, cells dying, animation of pus formation. Boil is lanced, blood and pus exuded, boil on throat. Gradual healing of scab, man in tracksuit jogs through field full of sporting types, running track in background.

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