Film: 4355

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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1 - Anterior colporrhaphy and amputation of cervix.
Yellow material drawn from vagina, tube pushed into incision made posterior to entrance to vagina, T-shaped incision. Isolation of bladder, plication of bladder wall, bladder sutured to cervix, amputation of cervix after formation of flap and ligation of descending branches of uterine artery. Reconstruction of cervix, stitch through anterior lip. Insertion of buttress sutures with reverdin needle through anterior vaginal wall, removal of redundant wall, typing of sutures, followed by over-sewing cut edges of vaginal wall.
2 - Posterior colpo-perineorrhaphy.
Removal of scar tissue of perineum, having defined proposed new vaginal orifice. Dissection to free posterior vaginal wall from rectum. Demonstration of portion removed, suturing of posterior vaginal wall from top to halfway down, followed by display and suturing of post-rectal fascia. Insertion of levator ani sutures and completion of posterior vaginal wall stitch. Suturing of superficial perinal muscles, knots are buried, coaptation of perineal skin to complete posterior repair. Region displayed after operation.

10ft Stage 1: Anterior colporrhaphy and amputation of cervix
126ft Reconstruction of cervix
165ft Buttress sutures inserted
223ft Stage 2: Posterior colpoperineorrhaphy
265ft Suturing
383ft Final result

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