Film: 4356

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Examining surface and contour of cornea with a placido disc. Doctor stares through disc, which looks rather like a large psychedelic lollipop, at the eye of a suited young man, using a photokeratoscope, young man sits with his head in a clamp in front of a fixed-disc apparatus, practitioner observes from other side through eyepiece as disc lights up. Medium shot directly into photokeratoscope, which consists of an illuminated target and a fixed focus reflex camera giving an enlarged image on the plate. Apparatus rotates, apparatus disassembled, shot of geometric stand being moved around by hand, sideways shot of (optician, optometrist, eye specialist) looking through apparatus at eye of young man. Shot in and out of focus, of iris and pupil as seen through apparatus. Film placed into apparatus, old film removed. Shots, through photokeratoscope, of both normal and transplanted cornea. Establishing corneal curvature, shot of hands of white coated man, just out of frame, comparing keratographs to templates. Closer shot of keratographs being compared to templates, final dissolving shot of apparatus.

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