Film: 4361

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Controlling bacteria in food, filmed at Lyons factory, West London 1950's

Scientists working in laboratory. Hand lifts conical flask. Various shots scientist shaking water in flask. Placing a single drop of water onto a microscope slide, Bunsen burner and tripod also in frame. Scientist sits down (facing camera) ready to look down binocular microscope. Looks down microscope. Micrograph shot of bacteria, time lapse. Suited young man walks (rather camply) into room, hands sheets of paper to white coated scientist. Callow youth touches his own cheek with his hand. Holds out hands, palm outward for scientist to inspect, his hands are dirty apparently. Close shot of scientist running boy's finger over agar in a petri-dish. Label placed by dish which reads 'Dirty Finger'. Washing hands in bowl. Scientist and boy in frame as boy dries hands. Finger across agar jelly again. Dish labelled 'Clean finger', placed next to other dish. Time-lapse photography of both dishes in frame. Bacterial plaques appear on 'Dirty Finger' dish. Micrographs of bacteria, division of bacteria, woman brings tray containing three jugs of milk, labelled as: 'Unpasteurized Milk Exposed To The Air For 24 Hours', 'Unpasteurized Milk Exposed To The Air For 12 Hours', 'Fresh Unpasteurized Milk'. Drop of each placed onto a petri-dish by scientist, sterilizing instrument each time. Carries dishes away from desk, opens large door and places them on shelf of incubator. Scientist 24 hours later, opening door and removing dishes. Laying out dishes on desk of laboratory. Close up of 'fresh umpateurized milk' dish being opened to show only a few bacterial colonies. Same with unpasteurized milk exposed to the air for 12 hours dish, revealing many bacterial colonies, same with, 'unpasteurized milk open to the air for 24 hours' dish, showing very large number of bacterial colonies. Various shots test tube of milk being heated over Bunsen burner flame. Poured into three test tubes with cotton wool pushed into open end. Scientist placing one of tubes in fridge, 24 hours later. Opening fridge, removing tube, rack of three tubes of milk, labelled 'Cooled Milk', 'Untreated Milk', 'Heated Milk'. Scientist sitting in front of microscope, puts drop of milk onto slide. Shot down microscope of cooled milk, only minimal bacterial plaques. Scientist again places drop of milk onto slide. Shot down microscope of untreated milk, large number of bacteria. Placing drop of milk onto slide. Shot down microscope of heated milk, almost no bacteria at all. Long shot of factory workers making ice-cream, mainly women, protective bonnets, churn in foreground. Workers washing hands exit from left of frame after drying hands on towel roll, enter right as queue, large sink in centre of frame, beneath sign which reads 'Cleanliness essential'. Male factory worker pushes to front of queue. Close up of four pairs of hands being washed simultaneously. Long shot of male factory worker who stands at the end of a row of large vats. Temperature control dial. Worker opens huge door to show coolers. Shot of sign: 'This Is A Food Factory, Cleanliness Is Essential'. Pan right across factory pipes pistons etc. Machine cuts and wraps roll of ice cream. Choc ices on conveyor belt. Lab workers, two women work at desks, man looks down microscope. Retrospective of film: heating tubes, opening fridge. Scrubbing hands at sink.

10ft Water left standing contains bacteria
53ft Cinemicrography
68ft Boys hands before and after washing on agar culture
125ft Multiplying bacteria by cinemicrography.
177ft Milk left standing unincubated
239ft Bacteria grown
277ft Effect of heating milk to 160 grad F
299ft 1 day in refrigerator
360ft In ice cream factory
397ft wrapping
406ft Chocolate coating
423ft Summary

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