Film: 4363

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Bacteria 1970's

Various shots micro organisms, including bacteria. Shot of English woodland. Clouds go past the sun. Leaf carried along by stream. Spade being pushed into soil with foot. Close up of root nodule being cut open. Zoom in micrograph, cross section of nodule to show bacteria. Various stills of bacteria. Bacterium reproducing. Other bacteria reproducing transmission election micrograph of bacterium. Structure of DNA. Diagrammatic representations of bacterial structure. Diagrammatic representations of RNA transcription. Feeding mechanisms in bacteria. Explanation, with animations of ATP to ADP breakdown. Blackboard of metabolism pathways. Shot of small pond. Pile of decaying apples, rotting fish, raw meat, pulled out to reveal that it is in fridge surrounded by eggs, cheese, tins of fruit juice. Dried fruit, dehydrated vegetables, dried herbs, frozen broccoli (?), frozen raspberries, frozen fish, three jars of pickles. Various shots heat sterilization process. Various shots of food rotting in close up. Zoom in micrograph to show pathogenic bacteria. Surgical instruments emerge from heat sterilizer. Bacteria dying as a result of antibiotics. Close up of bottle of tetanus vaccine. Kidney tray containing syringe. Tip of hypodermic needle. Bacterial spore. Germination shots of spore. Ferns in forest, rotting leaves, butter, margarine, yoghurt, cheese. Boiler suited man walks through factory. White coated man operates huge vat-like factory dispenser - the manufacture of antibiotics. Various shots sewage plant, control panel, equipment to, experimentally, manufacture protein from methane, bacterial reproduction.

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