Film: 4370

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | Colour


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Introduction To Acute Inflammation 1940's

Micrograph shot of blood flowing through tissues. Posterior shot of male torso. Back scratched by white coated figure. Close up of inflamed scratch on back. Shot of back of man's head covered with bandage. Bandage removed to reveal boil. Arrow pointing to inflamed ring on man's neck. Diagram to show spread of inflammation. Zone of necrosis and zone of proliferation. Various micrograph shots of blood through tissues. Blood slowing, blood flowing through capillary. Man sits in wheelchair. Close up of hands turned over to show that one is red and swollen. Diagram of blood vessel to show pressure gradient. Diagram of capillary endotherlium. Exchange of proteins across membrane. Swollen hand, face of man registers pain when hand squeezed. Hands clenched, swollen one does not clench completely. Diagram to show formation of fibrinogen. Micrograph of white cell [leucocyte]. Micrograph of white cells adhering to tissue debris and bacteria. Diagram of pus formation. Shot of cyst on arm being prodded, then lanced. Pus spurting into kidney bowl. Swollen region of baby's leg is manipulated, area is lanced, pus collected into test tube. Time lapse footage of swollen area healing.

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