Film: 4378

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W + Colour


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Making medical films 1940's

Young man standing on London balcony with small camera. Close up of instrument dial. Man filming his surroundings. One man sits at desk with trouser leg rolled up. Man in white coat sits opposite filming first man's knee. First man flexes and points to his knee. White coated man fiddles with camera on telescopic stand, elderly woman sits smiling on chair opposite as she is filmed. Elderly woman turns her head to one side. View through camera, close shot of woman turning her head from left to right. Man removes camera from stand, places it on table. Two contemporary cameras, hand picks them up in turn, lens are removed from one camera and assembled onto another, close up of finger sliding dial. Close up of camera, lens unscrewed, metal ring added before lens is replaced. Demonstration of film being loaded into camera. Lightmeter (?). Lighting equipment is demonstrated in front of camera. Strange head and shoulders shot of young girl in bed, opening her mouth and moving her tongue around. Film being removed from camera. Man holds camera and lighting so that it faces camera. White coated man looks through camera. Various shots washers being slotted onto a pencil beneath camera and lighting. White coated man looks through camera. Technicolour (?) shot of artificial ball and socket joint in skeleton being manipulated. Man sits next to editing equipment recording soundtrack. Editor cutting and splicing. Examples: boy in bed trembling, tongue depressor being held in mouth, feet being stimulated, umbilical cord of baby being cut, lens clamped over patient's mouth technician crouches by equipment. Close up bacterial culturing. Autopsied heart being held.

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