Film: 438

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Rudy Vallee. Various song routines.

June Burnette sits at a table drinking wine in a bar and singing Never Water a Lily With Wine as four men wearing blazers and boaters sing.

"Their Nightmare with the Musketeers". Three men singing pull another man (Rudy Vallee?) from under a table. The men sing, dressed in various medieval costumes and women's clothing.

"Oh Susanna" with the Four Merry Men. Man plays a banjo and sings, surrounded by women in Old West dresses and bonnets. Country or square dancing. Thigh slapping. Men dressed as Native Americans with headresses watch then join in, one of them plays the banjo. They all dance.

"Mrs Yankee Doodle with Virginia Meyers and Four Merry Men". Men dressed as Unionist soldiers in big hats sing with a woman. She picks up the shortest man and kisses him then puts him down. She looks in an address book then puts it down the front of her dress. She picks up a telephone and speaks. A man in a workshop answers it. A soldier on the phone. The woman and men playing cards.


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