Film: 4382

Natural History | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Microscopic beings 1950's

Title page of 1932 publication 'Antony Van Lecuwenhoek and his little animals'. Hand comes into frame and turns the page, photograph of 17th century microscope equipment. Close up page bearing illustration of intestinal protezoa of frogs. Contemporary scientist in laboratory peers through eyepiece of microscopy equipment. Equipment is demonstrated. Shot of light and lens set up. Micrography of intestinal contents of frog, spiralling protozoan, nematode worms, various shots worms, shots of various micro-organisms. Intestinal contents of mouse, shots of various micro-organisms with beating cilia. Pond life, micro-organisms swim in and out of shot, centipede like organism, microbes, obviously at higher magnification. Infusion of hay, micrograph of swarming micro-organisms, various shots ciliate microbes. Bacteria, time lapse photography of bacteria in action. Accelerated growth and division of bacteria. Trypanosomes in blood of rabbit, trypanosomes wriggle amidst blood cells, closer shots of trypanosomes, trypanosomes entering, or attempting to enter, red blood cells. Shot of interior of laboratory, pull out, showing microscopic equipment.

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