Film: 4385

Sport | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movie of Springfields annual sports day 1940's

Man laying tape. Pan left past judges, child spectators, all in long shot. Medium long shot of three teenage girls in gym kit on a bench. Teenage boys talking. Youth performs long jump. Another two youths perform long jump. Man rakes sand. Judges with clipboards. Man pushes marker into ground. Onlookers, three women and one man, all but one wearing sunglasses. Young girls perform high jump. Judge with bowler hat and pipe. Young male photographer. Middle aged man stands by bar of high jump. Four young men sprinting 100 yards towards camera. Young men stand chatting. Panning shot along spectators. Young boys javelin throwing. Another hundred yard dash toward camera, youth at rear falling over. Sack racing toward camera. Sack racing, man cheats by running in his sack and falls over. Judge at desk smiles and shakes his head. Young men performing high jump as judge observes. Young man shotputting towards camera, crowd of observers in background. Group of men measuring distance with tape. Tug of war, woman takes picture in foreground. Infant girl holding bottle of beer. Young men and women with arm raised, holding apples on string, other young men attempting to eat them. Young woman, whilst chewing, kneels on ground and removes top from bottle of beer. Man walks with three bottles of beer in each hand. Little boy runs across field. Standing man talks sideways to couple on bench beside him. Little boy receives prize from judges desk. Two little girls. Young man receives something from laughing judges.

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