Film: 4390

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Examination Of The Central Nervous System 1950's

Female patient lies (clothed) on couch. Doctor flexes patient's arm at elbow and wrist. Flexing leg and foot joints. Muscles felt during adducing and abduction at the shoulder-joint. Feeling power of biceps and triceps muscles. Flexing and extension at wrist. Flexing hand-muscles. Middle-aged man lies in bed. Cannot sit up without using arms. Lies face-down. Raises head and shoulders. Doctor touches gluteal muscles. Young woman on couch, flexing and extension at hip. Legs, feet. Illustrating the test for meningitis, extension of legs, raising head to chest. Striking wrist with hammer to investigate reflexes, also biceps, triceps, knee, ankle. Abdominal reflex. Scratching soles of feet. Doctor strokes woman's arm with cotton wool. Pricking arms with pin also legs. Close shot of squeezing Achilles' tendon. Holding test-tubes of hot and cold water against patient's arm.
Moving patient's fingers at joints, also toes. Tuning fork held between feet. Patient holds her eyes closed, doctor places various small objects into her hand. Doctor holds dividers against patient's fingers. Under doctor's instruction patient lies in bed with her arms outstretched. Heel-knee-test, where knee is touched with heel. Doctor pulls curtains around patient's bed.

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