Film: 4392

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Chesapeake Bay Maryland USA 1920's

Filmed from boat. Other boats with sails and fishermen in.
Diagram of old coast line. Pointer used to indicate rivers of U.S.A. eastern seabord. Jamestown from the air. At the mouth of the bay. Memorial indicating the Jamestown settlement. Wooden bridge. Men stand near tall grass by side of bridge. Early defensive earthworks on Jamestown Island. Three people walk on path past earthworks. The trees grow on top of earthwork. Town of Norfolk from the air. Port and docks. A storage and export centre for coal. Ships. Train backs into siding, and leaves wagons behind. Large ship at Newport News. Crane. Fortress Monroe at entrance to bay. Huge gun barrel moving into position. Train ferried across the bay. Oyster farming at Lynn Haven Bay. Men use very long double handled scoops to collect oysters. Loading oysters into small low sided boats. Sorting oysters by hand. Using large fork to shovel oysters into bucket. Lifting bucket from boat into small jetty. Man empties bucket into barrel on jetty. The Crisfield soft crab industry. Man hauls net into side of small dock. Pulls crabs out of net. Close ups of crabs. Stocking crabs alive in crates for shipping. Baltimore. Quiet streets. Black woman cleans her front step. Baltimore port from the air. Sugar refining by dockside. Unloading sacks from ship onto small driven trolley on dockside. Unloading Cuban iron ore - loose packed, grabs unload it. Unloading copper for refining. Large stacks of copper ingots. Copper furnace, refinery, smelting. Annapolis and U.S.A. Navy Officer training. Officers march. Aerial view of college. Close up of naval officer saluting. Marching with flags. Docks.

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