Film: 4393

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Footage of infants in Trexler isolation units 1950's

Gloved hands (obviously part of isolation suit worn by nurse) prepare bottles of pills and solutions. Two nurses, stand at polythene entrance to unit, the words 'handicapped children' are visible above their heads. Infant sits on bed within unit, two fully suited nurses stand beside bed. Nurse puts tip of squeeze dispenser into baby's mouth and ear, injects fluid into mouth. More fluid (food?) injected into mouth, one nurse removes thermometer from infant's bottom and reads it, other nurse wipes baby's bottom and applies ointment. Nurse puts nappy onto child, nurse feeds infant from bowl, nurse gives baby drink from bottle. Nurse attempts to make baby clap for the cameras, eventually the baby humors her by doing so. Nurse hides her face with her hands then says "boo" to baby, baby ignores her. Nurse covers infant with towel, infant removes teddy bear from under towel and looks happy. Nurse generally tries to amuse baby with rattle, etc. Shot into isolation unit of baby with its feet through bars of cot. Shot of little boy in bed, rolling disc for board game. Boy cries, boy eating sausages in bed. Close up of boy chewing, boy pours sauce onto plate. Nurse, in full isolation gear, passes another plate to boy.

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